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Vapor Armour is the only patented vapor barrier system for the cold-storage industry.

A turn-key solution that is installed while the facility remains fully operational.

Vapor Armour eliminates condensation and ice-buildup by sealing vapor leaks in cold-storage areas. This reduces compressor run-time and will save you thousands in energy costs. 

Vapor Armour provides a 15-year, no dollar-limit (No Ice. No Condensation. No Cost) warranty and a 20-year building envelope systems warranty for a facility re-roof with DOW Insulation and Vapor Armour installed. That warranty covers the R-Value, roof leaks, and vapor barrier integrity. Our patented application process creates an impermeable vapor barrier between dry, cold, and frozen storage areas, eliminating ice, condensation and vapor barrier issues.  

Spray Foam is NOT a vapor barrier

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