Kalzip façade systems combine lightness, strength, durability, low maintenance, and sustainability with the creative freedom to produce outstanding architecture.


Aesthetically, Kalzip façades offer a wealth of colours and finishes and profiles, including corrugated and trapezoidal such as the TF facade system. Stunning effects with light are achievable with our range of perforated façades.

Ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects, Kalzip façade systems incorporate intelligent fixing systems and enable components and interfaces to harmonize with other building elements. The fully demountable panels can be reused or recycled, and vandalized panels can be simply and inexpensively replaced.

Kalzip Roof Systems

Liner-Deck Roof System

DuoPlus E

Nature Roof

Deck Roof System

Solar System

Standing Seam Facade

Kalzip Facades

FC Facade

TF800R Facade

Standing Seam Facade

Kalzip Folding

Folding Aluminium

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