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Dedicated to delivering measurable results Extreme Microbial Technologies will increase your company’s bottom line by solving your mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, virus, and volatile organic compound problems.  

Harmful molds, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants can multiply and spread in the smallest of crevices, causing many problems that cost your company more in the longterm.


Our Total Solution

Step 1

Quantify & Identify

Our first step is to measure the total amount of pathogens both in the air and on surfaces. Next, we evaluate the space determining what its needs are. Before

and after installing the purification units we provide our customers with real-time sampling.  

Step 2

Combat & Reduce

Our second step is to clean the environment with proprietary portable equipment. This equipment is able to be used while your company is still operating, there is no need for downtime. Our equipment provides data while stabilizing the area where a problem or outbreak exists.

Step 3

Actively Prevent

During our third step we install purification devices throughout the affected areas. These devices can be either installed as standalone hardware or in the buildings HVAC system. They provide 24/7 protection from bacteria, viruses, mold, and VOCs.

Step 4

Monitor & Maintain

Lastly, we have ongoing documentation of the environment measuring the pathogen levels in real time. Giving our customers peace of mind. We also inspect the equipment on a semi-annual bases and replace cells every 24 months.

Our Equipment

Layer 8.png

BAMS - Bio Aerosol Monitoring System

With BAMS we provide real-time microbial detection of the air.  Using laser-induced fluorescence, BAMS indicates particulate counts and sizes as well as microbial (biologic) counts and sizes (.5-25microns).  BAMS acts as a smoke detector and Geiger Counter for determining the root cause of a contamination problem.  There are many options and schemas available for countless applications.

EMT MAK Cannabis.png

MAK - Microbial Area Kleaner 

We clean the environment with our proprietary MAK units, providing validated results without production downtime. Each MAK features high-speed fans with specialized 5-stage HEPA filters (to protect the cells) and an array of proprietary cells made with rare earth metals matched with specific wavelength emitters. These specialized machines flood the air with large volumes of Advanced Oxidizers (+/-Hydrogen Peroxide Molecules) and High Energy Clusters, that are attracted to and then attack microbes in the air and on surfaces throughout the indoor environment. 





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