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Course: Drained and Back-Ventilated Rainscreen Cladding Design


Credits: 1 LU; applicable to architects and designers


Description: What does an engineered solution look like within the context of a drained and back-ventilated (DBVR) wall assembly? What are the benefits of a DBVR wall? What are some of the predominant system design considerations that are essential in a properly designed drained and back-ventilated wall? This presentation will discuss these questions through the framework of The Five Principles of Rainscreen Cladding Design – a fully integrated approach to walls that begins with the outer skin of the wall and ends with the inner waterproofing of the wall. The presentation will present some of the common issues and problems with improper wall design and highlight the scientific principles and elements required to ensure a properly designed DBVR wall assembly.


Learning Objective:  Those who participate in the program will gain a greater understanding of the five critical elements of designing a DBVR wall and gain experience the knowledge of how to address each element in a holistic and integrated way.


Sponsor: Cladding Corp